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Do roofers have to be licensed in South Carolina?

Contractors in South Carolina who are working on roofing, siding, painting, drywalling, and other minor exterior projects don’t need to be licensed. However, they have to be registered with the South Carolina Department of Labor, Licensing, and Regulation.

What time of year is best to replace a roof in Charleston?

In general, the fall season is the best time of the year to replace your roofing. During this time, the weather would be cooler, allowing your roofers to complete the job on time, if not quicker. If you can’t replace your roof during the period, any other time would be alright considering the weather and that you are prepared for the project.

What is the cheapest roof to install?

Asphalt is the cheapest roofing material, but the labor cost can vary depending on the installation process. The average installation cost for asphalt shingle roofing in South Carolina is around $158 to $255 per 100 square feet. There are three types of asphalt shingles to choose from, but the cheapest is the 3-tab shingle option.

How long are roofs good for?

On average, good-quality roofing can last between 20 to 50 years, depending on the material used and the quality of installation. The environment and the weather also affect the condition of the roof. For the roofing material used, slate can last more than 150 years, while concrete and clay can last around 100 years, as well.

How much is the labor cost for roofing in Charleston, SC?

Labor costs for roofing projects can cost between $1.50 and $3.00 per square foot. A roofing square, which covers 100 square feet, is different and your roofer might give you a quote using this measurement. Flat roof installation can cost you $122 to $201 per 100 square feet, including labor costs, materials, and other necessary elements.


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