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Roof Cleaning Charleston

The roof of your home is the protector of both you and your family. Many homeowners tend to mislook the proper care and maintenance of their roof because, in their eyes, they seem fine. But did you know that a dirty roof could cause serious damages inside your home if neglected? Not just damages inside your household but also the health of your family. Good thing roof cleaning Charleston is near you and could save the day!

Harsh weather like rain, snow, hail, tornadoes, etc. could test your roof’s performance. By the strong wind and rain, many natural elements will get stuck on your roof. Elements like leaves, twigs, sticks, water, and many more. These elements may look harmless for your eyes, but they could actually cause some minor damages to your roof. And these minor damages could turn into major damages as time goes by.

Many people neglect the care of their roofs. Since it is not an easy job and requires special knowledge, tool, and materials that are not often seen and needed inside a household. Many roofing services are in your area but be careful who to trust. Getting your roof fixed is not cheap so might as well choose the most legit and trusted roofer. I suggest Charleston Roofers, they know exactly what to do with your roof.

What causes damage to the roof

The biggest culprit for damaging your roof is the weather. It carries a lot of waste and dirt that could get stuck on your roof. As mentioned above, they are leaves, twigs, sticks, water, etc. These elements could grow molds and bacteria on your roof. The most common is Moss, this grows in a damp area. If it is rainy season already, I am 99% sure your roof could acquire moss.

Have you heard of Algae? If yes, then I’ll tell you it could also grow on your roof. This type of bacteria grows on parts of your roof that has cracks or holes because they grow on shaded are. Algae is really harmful to health especially for kids with asthma and even pets. You could spot this on your roof if you see some discoloration on some parts. They are invasive and could easily be transferred from one place to another.

Surprise! Moss and Algae made your roof their breeding ground. They made a hybrid called Lichens, this type of organism is much harder to remove on your roof than Moss and Algae because it penetrates deeper into the material used on your roof. Lichens could also easily grow back to its place when humidity and rain started again. It requires a proper step by step procedure and tools to use in removing it. But stop worrying about these guys, roof cleaning Charleston is near you! Leave us a message ASAP.

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