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Roof Coating Charleston

Most people like rainy days while others do not. One of the reasons why is their damaged roof. Rain is the last thing they wanted to happen in a day. Nature is an unpredictable force and the only way we can protect our properties is by having a roof that is reliably strong to withstand whatever nature has to throw. Roof Coating Charleston has a solution to coat your roof making it sturdy enough to fight the forces of nature.

As time passes, the quality of the material used in making your roof also degrades. With exposure to different weather types every day, your roof must be sturdy enough to handle all that. Coating your roof is one way to solve your issues. Coating basically means re-painting your roof. Though the mixture is much thicker than paint because it is high with resin.

Roof Coating Charleston has a special solution used when coating roofs to make them strong and at the same time, appealing to the eyes.

Coating your roof is much cheaper than getting it changed. It is also eco-friendly since it leaves less carbon footprint than getting your roof repaired or replaced. But you must also put in mind that coating your roof is not permanent, you just have to pick the right mixture to use and make sure to ask for professional help when applying it to your roof. Roof Coating Charleston exists for this!

The Process

After contacting us to have your roof coated, we visit your property to inspect the roof. If your roof has sustained damages, we will advise you to have it repaired first. The coating is basically useless if the roof already has damages, to begin with. Roof Coating Charleston has connections with other roofers who can help repair yours in case it is too damaged to be coated.

If your roof has no damages at all, we will proceed with coating your roof as planned. Based on the weather, we will start the coating as soon as possible since the solution can dry off quickly after being exposed to the wind and heat. If it is rainy, we put off the task until the roof is dry and ready for coating. Coating the roof is not an invasive task. We are sure not to cause any disturbances for those who dwell or use the property during the time of coating.

We make sure that the coating job went well by checking if all areas in the roof were properly coated. We also do our final inspections to see if our solution has any bad effects on your roof or ceiling. If things are well, we show the client their newly-coated roof. If there are issues, we let our client know immediately and address the issues as soon as we can to avoid aggravating the situation and incurring damages.

In case of accidents, our company makes sure that the clients, as well as our employees, are insured. After all, Roof Coating Charleston cares for everyone.

Roof Coating Charleston SC


If you would like to know more about the services we offer and the types of roof coating solutions we have, do not hesitate to call us. We will be more than happy to be of service to you!


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