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Roof Inspection Charleston

The roof of your home protects you and your family from extreme weather outside. We often think that since that is what it has been doing for a long time, we tend to overlook what really happens when the roof is exposed to such elements.

Roof Inspection Charleston is here to see the things that are not simply seen by the naked eye. We check, test, and observe your roof for damages that can be fixed sooner than later. It is always best to have your roof inspected to avoid catastrophic situations to happen or to avoid aggravating minor damage to your roof.

Our professional inspectors have years of experience in the field and can detect damages with ease. They are also licensed to check materials used for your roofing to understand how to avoid damages from occurring or impeding the advancing age of your roof. Having your roof inspected is not simply having someone look for something to fix, it is a way for you to be sure of the safety and protection that your roof is supposed to be giving you.

Being careful is always the best thing to do and consulting professionals is a part of it. You can rely on Roof Inspection Charleston to check your roof and ensure its stability and strength!

What to Expect from Us

When we do the inspections, we set a convenient schedule for the client. As much as possible, we prefer to have them present on the property during the inspection for them to know immediately about the status of their roof and decide on the next course of action based on the results of the inspection.

Initially, we will look at the workmanship done on the property’s roof. Learning its structure will help us understand the essential points of our inspection. It can also help us with how we are going to execute our planned inspections. If there are things we see that need repair just from the workmanship inspection, we fix them before doing our other inspections.

After thorough inspections of the roof structure and the utility parts of the roof, the inspections would end with an ocular inspection of the whole roof area. It is done to make sure that all the things were covered and to check for surface damage. Once everything has been concluded, based on the report of damages and the extent of it, we will give advice to the property owners on the next thing they can do for their roof. If needed, we would also recommend the right people who can solve their roofing issues.

Our team of experts is all for the betterment of the property, any repairs or replacements that are needed to make the roof better would be done to ensure the property owners’ safety.

Roof Inspection Charleston SC

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