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Roof Re-Roofing Charleston

If you are experiencing problems with your roof, you might want to consider re-roofing. Re-roofing is done when you add a layer of new shingles onto existing shingles on your roof. It is done to homes with roofs that are not re-roofed yet. If you discover that one part of your roof is damaged by water, it is best to re-roof the whole roof and not just the damaged part. This way, the whole roof would have a balance of the old and new shingles and the existing, non-damaged roof would be protected from possible damages in the future.

For re-roofing, it is best to ask the help of professionals like Roof Re-roofing Charleston. With our years of experience in the field, you are sure to have a very nice-looking and safe roof over your head.

Why Re-roof?

Most people would think about re-roofing as something temporary. Although it might be true, re-roofing is a more affordable option than installing a new roof or replacing the whole roof with a new one.

Re-roofing is one way to save your roof from totally breaking down. Instead of replacing the whole roof which is costly and takes much time, re-roofing is putting another layer of the roof on your existing roof. In a way, the new layer serves as new protection for the roof which prolongs its life. Although this can be seen as a temporary fix, re-roofing actually lasts a long time. Roof Re-roofing Charleston knows exactly what to do with your roof especially with how it would work and suit well with the whole house.

The Process

The team would visit your home for an inspection. This is a way for us to understand the extent of the wear and damages on your roof. It is important to do this initially to not make the mistake of re-roofing a roof that needs replacing. Contrary to common belief, re-roofing is not ideal for roofs that are deteriorating or have incurred heavy damages. If the roof is in this condition, our team strongly advises the homeowner to have a roof replacement instead. We only do re-roofing on roofs that are worn down but are still functional. In principle, the old roof shingles would act as the foundation for the second layer, or the new roof shingles. If the foundation is weak, broken, or rotten, it can cause a huge problem. That is why it is rather important to understand how much damage the roof had endured for the safety of everyone in the home.

Once everything is checked, the team would start the re-roofing work that would not take much time to do. When they are done, our team would re-check the roof to see if there are areas that need mending.

Roof Re-roofing Charleston will always make sure that everything is done properly and the roof is stable and safe for the property.

Roof Re-roofing Charleston SC

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Doing the re-roofing by yourself is not advisable. There are things that need to be checked and repaired by professionals as a part of the re-roofing process. For inquiries on our services, do not hesitate to make a call or visit us. It is an honor for Roof Re-roofing Charleston to serve you.


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